We sell WASTE

Pieces and bits of cloth that used to be something and then were nothing. 
Discarded. Thrown away, forgotten. 
They were there for the moments, the stories; the boring days and the awesome ones. From being worn every day, to living out their days in the closet, to being put on a black bag and handed away. 
Thus the waste life begins.
 That's right, it BEGINS. Because we may be forgotten but we’re not DONE just yet, and we may be trash but now we’re also a movement. Constantly flowing in a cycle of multiple lives, experiences, people and places. 
It’s not about buying for the sake of having. 
It’s not about rules, actually, it’s about breaking them. 
 It’s about the search for more, for what’s next and finally the discovery of again, and again…. and again.  
About knowing that fashion knows no boundaries. It’s about taking your stories to the next level and making them trend and transcend. 
It’s our turn now; to give you the power to stand up for your principles, to raise your voice, to be reborn.
Like they say...every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. 
Sorry, not sorry.
Yesterday we WERE waste.
Now, we WEAR it.